Florida Child Custody – Child Custody

Joint custody is when both parents will share responsibility in raising their child. This means they jointly make decisions beneficial for their child. Florida child custody rules are governed under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. In Florida, joint custody means being responsible for shelter, food, and education and other needs like medical of the minor, whose age is less than 18 years old. Custody over the child will also mean supervision and disciplining the child. Usually, the court will determine whether both parents will be entitled to joint custody or they can order t both parents hat they both will create a joint custody arrangement for the benefit of their child.Florida’s child custody public policy makes sure that the child will be safe. If there are signs of abuse, abandonment or neglect by parents, the child can be ordered to move to custody by the police or an extended family member. It’s also possible that the child will live with a non relative. That’s why there is extensive evaluation in a case for joint custody. Both parents will have to submit plenty of information, including personal attributes, finances, and other evidence to support your bid for custody over your child. It’s important to seek a lawyer to represent you during in a Florida child custody trial.Another important guide for Florida’s child custody cases is the Florida Statutes and Family Code. In Title 6, Chapter 61, entitled Dissolution of Marriage, Support and Custody provides that the joint custody parenting plan must be explicitly detailed regarding the shared schedules with the concerned child. It will specify the times and the duration that the minor will spend with teach parent. This is because Florida Law places the importance on the child who undergoing the trauma of his or her parents divorcing. Research shows that kids grow up emotionally more stable if both parents have an active role to play in their lives.For joint custody in Florida to work, it has to meet these requirements:• Parents must make time for the child. The parents have to create a schedule that will give enough time for both parents to spend time and take care of the child. Florida courts will make sure that both parents take part in all aspects of raising a child. That’s why time is crucial and each party must make this a priority. • Each Parent has equal rights to child custody. There is no more entitlement for mothers because modern dads want to play an active role in raising their children and will no longer be content by acting as merely a provider. The joint custody plan must show this by having a balance of shared time for each parent. Florida child custody dictates that both parents will show a firm commitment in raising their child. This is why for any divorce, this is the first option that will be explored and implemented as much as possible.