Child Custody Questions About Step-Parenting – Child Custody

It is understandable for step parents to have questions about child custody proceedings and situations. In order for step parents to best know how to act under different circumstances, it is to their advantage to understand as much as possible about child custody. Here are some common questions and answers for step parents about child custody.1. How long does it take for a custody situation to be resolved? This depends on the parents. If the parents can come to an agreement together, the case can be settled quickly. If the parents do not agree on issues and there are problems, the case will go to court. This takes an indefinite amount of time because the parents can go to court multiple times.2. How can a step parent help their spouse going through a lengthy custody battle? If your spouse is involved in a long custody dispute, try to be supportive and understanding. Many new spouses start to feel resentful about the time and money that goes into a battle–especially if they feel neglected by their spouse. Try to be involved in the process and being positive. Don’t lash out with anger over the former spouse. If you are feeling left out and there are issues coming up in your marriage, talk to your spouse. Explain how you are feeling in a calm and rational way–don’t get angry and make demands. Work together for solutions to make sure both of you can help each other.3. What is a custody agreement? A custody agreement, or parenting plan, is the arrangement that the parents make about child custody and visitation. It includes all of the information about custody and when it is accepted by the court it becomes a court order. The court order is legally binding, and if either of the parents do something against the order they can be held in contempt.4. Can a custody order be changed? A custody order can be modified. Changes can be made at any time if both of the parents agree to them. If the parents don’t agree, they will go to court and present their case. If a parent can persuade the court that the change is in the best interest of the child then the order will be modified.5. Does a step parent have visitation rights? Unless a step parent legally adopts their spouse’s children, they do not have custody or visitation rights if they divorce. If you want to legally adopt the children, you can talk to an attorney about the process in your state. In most states, the other parent needs to relinquish parental custody and you go to court to get it all figured out.