Paternity and Child Custody Issues – Child Custody

Child custody issues usually go hand in hand with issues about paternity. Paternity is the legal title given when a father/child relationship has been determined. Once this relationship has been acknowledged by the father and the courts, the custody issues come up. Here are some of the ways to handle the child custody issues that result from paternity.Paternity claims and suits generally result when a mother wants a father involved with his child. If a man’s paternity to a child hasn’t been acknowledged, he has no obligation to that child. Paternity can be established in a few ways. The husband of the mother is always granted paternity. If the father wishes to challenge this, he may do so and if it is found that he is not the father he has no legal responsibility towards the child. A man can also sign an acknowledgment of paternity if he knows he is the father. This can happen when the baby is born or at a later date.If a man refuses to admit he is the father, or he isn’t sure if he is the father, he can take a paternity test. This test is a DNA test that the father and child take. If the test if positive, the father has the opportunity to sign the acknowledgment form. If he doesn’t, the mother can take him to court and he has to prove that regardless of the DNA test he isn’t the father. This is very difficult.Once paternity has been established, the father has all of the rights and responsibilities relating to child custody. This means that he has financial and other obligations to the child. If the child is living with the mother, the father will be required to pay child support. The father may also need to provide insurance and other necessities for the child.The father also has the right to be involved in the child’s life. To work out this custody issue, the father and mother should work together to create a custody agreement or parenting plan. They can make a custody and visitation schedule that allows both parents to help raise the child. The father can have the child spend more time with him and this will lower the child support payments as well.Once the parents have decided on an agreement, they can go to court and have it legally accepted. If the parents can’t come to an agreement, they will need to present their cases in court and the court will make the decisions about the custody arrangements. It’s better if the father and mother find something together because they are usually happier with the decision that way.Paternity stems from the child custody issue that the father should be involved in the child’s life. It’s important for fathers to recognize their rights and obligations to the children. Ultimately, all of this is for the benefit of the children.