Child Custody Agreements – Can Child Custody Software Help Create Yours? – Child Custody

The decisions you have to make while creating a custody agreement can seem endless. Along with answering the basic questions with the schedule like who spends what holidays with the kids, how do you allocate weekend time, etc., you have to decide what information and resources you use to help you create your schedule. On top of this you are dealing with the issues from the divorce and trying to make decisions there. Because you’re so busy and, let’s face it, divorce isn’t cheap, you want to make sure that you are spending your time and money on resources that are worth it. Many parents have heard and wondered about the child custody agreement software programs that have been developed in the past few years. Are the programs worth your money and time? Here are three questions to consider if you want to know if the software could help you with your custody agreement.1. Do you and your ex agree on your agreement? Everyone has a different relationship with their ex. If both of you are able to put aside your differences and work together for the best schedule then that’s great. However, not everyone has that ideal situation. If you and your ex find it difficult to work together a child custody software might be beneficial. A software package has the advantage of feeling objective. Both of you can input your information and feel that the software isn’t bias (you probably don’t feel that way toward your ex’s lawyer). Many of these software programs can also print out your child custody agreement calendar so both parents have ready access to one. The custody software can make it easier to work together on your agreement.2. Are you making a custom child custody agreement schedule? More and more today people are moving away from the set custody agreement schedule and creating custom schedules with more flexibility. If this is what you want you may want to look into purchasing software to help you. The custody software has the advantage of being able to easily make a lot of changes without having to count days and go through the whole calendar. The software should also calculate the time each parent has with the child–and that would be hard to do if you have a shifting schedule. If you have a pretty set schedule with few variances than the software may not be that much help.3. Are you paying or receiving child support? The amount of child support paid and received is based on the time-share percentage that each parent has with the child. So, you want to make sure that you have the correct time-share percentages calculated so that you’re paying or receiving the correct child support. A child custody software helps with this because the software can easily figure out the exact percentages. It is harder to go through the calendar for a year and calculate that yourself.Because you have so many things to think about as you’re creating your child custody agreement, the litmus test question for buying the software is: will it be beneficial? If it will help you with your agreement then it is probably worth it to get the software. Because, the sooner you resolve the issues concerning the child custody agreement, the sooner you can put the agreement into place and spend quality time with your child.